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Our Mission

Redesign Trainings brings awareness, power of choice, and vision-driven action to our students and graduates through experiential learning and community engagement.

Training course

Core Trainings

The core curriculum of our leadership and personal development training program is made up of three parts: Part 1 (Awareness), Part 2 (Breakthrough), and Masterful Living (Creating New Practices).

Group Hug


Personal growth is a lifelong journey! Redesign Trainings offers workshops in addition to the core trainings to support students in the ongoing work of leadership and personal development.

Calendar Pages

Upcoming Events

Trainings, workshops, community events—find it all here!


"I describe my life before entering into this Training as a very tight Onion. Since then, in the past few weeks, I have improved myself in so many ways.


What I have accomplished: I am aware. I am committed. I am present: Being in the moment, the here and now and I look forward towards the future. I am Timely. I am Organized. I am Free! I am sociable—no longer a recluse. I am happy. I am connected. I am confident and no longer carry a heavy burden on my shoulders. I am wonderful! I am accomplished! I am inspired. I have peeled back the Onion, and I am now a beautiful Rose! I am Being. I am Life!

I thank the Redesign Trainings Trainers & Coaches for this wonderful gift. No amount of money can make me feel this fulfilled!"

~ S.H.

Give the gift of transformation

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