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About Redesign Trainings

Redesign Trainings brings awareness, power of choice, and vision-driven action to our students and graduates through experiential learning and community engagement. We are committed to creating a world that is peaceful, abundant, and healed.


The Redesign Trainings program was born from a long history of transformational training work in North Carolina. Our local community consists of graduates from leadership and personal development programs like this one spanning many years and many companies across the United States. 

With the addition of the virtual trainings in 2020, the Redesign Trainings program became even more accessible to those outside North Carolina, growing our community exponentially and allowing us to experience a new level of connection with people outside our local area, even in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

We come from different backgrounds, professions, and demographics. Each student enters the training program with personal goals and dreams, and receives the support of a powerful team to achieve amazing individual results. What we all have in common, though, is a desire to be a source of peace, abundance, and healing in a chaotic world. And we believe that anything is possible if we do it together. 


We hope that you will join us on our journey.

Our 2023 Goals

Through our trainings and community, be a powerful source of peace, abundance, and healing in the world.

Increase donations to build financial reserves for long-term sustainability of the organization.

Expand our scholarship support program to increase training accessibility.

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